RCP Drum Company Artists

Tyler Gescheidle

“Tyler Gescheidle has been endorsing RCP Drum Company products since April of 2022. Being the age of 7 when he first picked up the sticks, Tyler became inspired early on from the likes of musicians such as Buddy Rich, John Bonham, and Travis Barker. Tyler‘s passion for drumming is more than just providing the beat to a song or playing rhythm in-time; he brings the drum kit to life with a unique style of playing featuring intense energy and stick flips! His drive is to be an inspiration for other musicians and bring joy to those who watch him play. Tyler resides in the Austin, TX area with his wife, Laci, and their fur children. Outside of touring and recording drums, Tyler’s interests include fitness, golf, and spending time with his family on their travels. He also enjoys going on hiking adventures,  scoping out new breweries to try, and stuffing his face at all the best Tex-Mex spots. For the time being, Tyler is actively involved in various projects including an original act called Generation Simulation, and also tours with the party band, Satellite, a Stargazer Productions group (both out of Austin, TX). Check out Tyler’s drumming via social media @tylergdrumming or ask him any questions at tylergdrumming@gmail.com.”